Respirair JUPITER7

A more efficient and environmentally conscious interlock safety vaporizer offering longer operating times and better customer support.

Produced and shipped in larger batches to reduce carbon footprint and supplied in biodegradable boxes and 0% plastic packaging.

Respirair’s manufacturing process leads the way in sustainable manufacturing practices by collecting up to 100% of Waste Anesthetic Gasses (WAGs) that would typically enter the environment via Blue-Zone’s patented technology.


  • Compact wick system for increased drug capacity
  • One piece sump
  • Amount of Anaesthetic Drug to fully charge
    the vaporiser = 450ml
  • Weight is 8.5kg, Size is 185mm x 140mm x 135mm
  • Diaphragm mechanism
  • Dial control knob
  • Filler & level indicator
  • Interlock Svstem

Green Manufacturing

Up to 100% of Waste Anesthetic Gas is collected using Blue-Zone’s Propriety Waste Anesthetic Gas recovery systems.

24/7 Customer Care

Supported 24/7 with our dedicated end user support team in the USA and service centre in the USA.

Planet Friendly

Plastic Free recycable pckaging and environmentall friendly materials used.

The best fit

No other vaporizer is as flexible

The Respirair R7 vaporiser is, through its North American Draeger mount , uniquely able to fit to ANY anaesthesia machine.

In the USA all medical anaesthesia machines are either GE or GE compatible or Draeger.

If it’s a GE machine, the R7 slots straight on.

If it is a Draeger machine, then simply clip the NAD (North American Draeger) mount on the back of the vaporizer and, again, it slots straight on!

Environmentally Concious

  • Interlock Safety
  • Low carbon footprint manufacturing
  • Blue-Zone Waste Anesthetic Gas recovery systems in place, eliminating 100% of Greenhouse Gas.