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This calculator is designed to help you and your facility estimate sustainable cost efficiencies and environmental impact (eCO2 prevented) from implementing Blue Zone’s Waste Anesthetic Gas Collection Systems combined with purchasing Blue-Zone’s branded generic anesthetic*. *Availability of Branded generic anaesthetic is pending regulatory approvals

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By leveraging data-driven financial analysis, you and your health system leadership can make more informed decisions when prioritizing resources for reducing healthcare facility hazardous environmental waste in a cost-effective manner.

Blue-Zone’s ROI Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about how the calculations are being made.

What pricing assumptions are being made to calculate Annual Hospital Cost Savings?

Our collection service is a subscription model.  The account is charged a fee per operating room per month.  .  The model is using our current average pricing. Specific pricing can be discussed with our team.  This service fee is offset by the potential savings of purchasing Blue-Zone’s branded generic anesthetic when it gains regulatory approval in your geography.

What assumptions are being made to calculate eCO2 Prevented?

Our model looks at your institutions current inhalation anesthetic usage, assumes a majority of the anesthetic will be vented into the environment, and then applies the referenced global warming potential against the vented anesthetic to calculate the equivalent CO2 (eCO2) prevented.

Where can I learn more about the Global Warming Potential of Inhalation Anesthetics?

Download the article “The Future Is Now – It’s Time To Rethink The Application Of The Global Warming Potential To Anesthesia” here