Greenhouse Gas Reduction

We reduce hospital’s hazardous environmental waste by applying Blue-Zone’s patented technology. We collect unused anesthetics that would normally be vented into the environment and process the collected material into its pure form, providing a sustainable and cost-efficient source of inhalation anesthetic drugs.

How it Works


Blue-Zone’s Patented Deltasorb® and Centralsorb® technology captures up to 100% of the WAG before it is vented to the environment.


The WAG contained in the Deltasorb® and Centralsorb® canisters are desorbed in our manufacturing facility and the regenerated canisters are returned to the hospital.


The raw material from our desorption process is then used in our patented distillation process.

Sustainable Source

The outcome is pure, branded generic, inhalation anesthetic produced by isolation.

How Blue-Zone’s Technology Works