Deltane® Desflurane*

Desflurane offers the advantage of a precise control over depth of anesthesia (without using overpressure technique) coupled with a rapid, predictable, and clear-headed recovery, with minimal postoperative sequelae. Desflurane continues to be a valuable anesthetic agent for maintenance in adults and pediatric patients in surgeries of all durations.

Deltane® Sevoflurane*

Sevoflurane provides rapid and pleasant induction making it especially attractive for paediatric patients. It also results in faster recovery, time to emergence and response to commands. It potentiates the effects of sedatives, narcotics and non-depolarizing muscle relaxants.

Deltane® Isoflurane*

Isoflurane offers many advantages over other inhalational anesthetics. Its faster induction and recovery, relative sparing effect on cardiovascular function and cerebral blood flow autoregulation, and negligible metabolism make this drug particularly useful in the anesthetic management of the debilitated, aged, or unusual veterinary patient.