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Cleantech Blue-Zone Technologies Signs Agreement With Respirair Global

April 11, 2023

Blue-Zone to install its patented anesthetic capture technology in Respirair manufacturing facility.

TORONTO, ON – April 11, 2023 – (Globe Newswire) – Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd. (“Blue-Zone”), a Canadian cleantech pharmaceutical company that leverages globally-patented technology to capture waste anesthetic gases (WAGs) from healthcare facilities, today announced it has signed an agreement with Respirair Global LLC (“Respirair”) to install its patented capture technology in Respirair’s manufacturing facility. Respirair is a U.K.-based manufacturer of high-quality, environmentally friendly anaesthesia vaporisers and accessories with unrivalled customer service and warranty.

As part of its manufacturing process, Respirair uses anesthetic gases to calibrate its vaporizers, but the anesthetic gases used for the calibration process are vented into the atmosphere, unabated, uncontained and unfiltered. These WAGs, which are recognized as long-term health hazards and have a global warming potential of up to 6,810 times that of CO2, are about seven times heavier than air and linger near ground level. Under the terms of this novel agreement, Blue-Zone will install its proprietary, globally-patented technology, Centralsorb® Canister System (CCS), to capture WAGs at Respirair’s facility before they are vented into the community.

“The installation at Respirair marks our first contract with an anesthesia machine manufacturer and aligns well with the mission of both companies to create greener facilities,” said Kipton Lade, CEO of Blue-Zone Technologies.

“At Blue-Zone, we are continually looking to provide creative solutions that help organizations reduce the GHG footprint for a positive impact on the environment and the communities they serve. We are excited to partner with Respirair to help them achieve their green objectives.”

As part of the agreement, Blue-Zone will also act as U.S. sales agent for Respirair, selling their vaporisers to the American healthcare market.

About Respirair Global

Respirair Global is creating a 2.0 platform built on the heritage, technology and legacy of an established and longstanding medical device and anesthesia machine manufacturer. The business recently announced new appointees to its leadership team and clinical advisory group. The appointments include a new Managing Director—with over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience and success—ranging from SMEs to globals in the engineering/tech space. Respirair Global has embarked on a program of business growth and development—partly organic and partly via alliances and targeted acquisitions.

About Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Blue-Zone’s mission is to reduce hazardous environmental waste in healthcare facilities and lower financial costs by applying Blue-Zone’s patented technology. Blue-Zone collects unused anesthetics that would normally be vented into the environment and processes the collected material into its pure form providing a sustainable and cost-efficient source of inhalation anesthetic drugs. As such, Blue-Zone is the world’s first Cleantech Pharmaceutical Company, running a fully operational, GMP compliant, Health Canada licensed Drug Establishment Facility for Anesthetic Recovery, Raw Material and Final Product Production. For more information visit

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