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Cleantech Blue-Zone Technologies Signs Letter Of Intent With Leading Medical Gas Equipment Manufacturer, Class 1

June 19, 2023

Parties consider collaborative agreement for the collection and conversion of anesthetic gases

TORONTO, ON – June 19, 2023 – (Globe Newswire) – Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd. (“Blue-Zone”), a Canadian cleantech pharmaceutical company that leverages globally-patented technology to capture and convert waste anesthetic gases (WAGs) from healthcare facilities, today announced it has signed a letter of intent with Canada’s leading medical gas equipment manufacturer, distributor and service provider, Class 1 Incorporated (“Class 1”). Both parties are considering entering into a collaboration agreement wherein the parties will explore the collection of WAGS for delivery to Blue-Zone.

Under this agreement, Class 1 would supply WAGs collected by its piped, centralized recovery system to Blue-Zone, which Blue-Zone would then convert into a marketable anesthetic product. With Blue-Zone’s patented process, WAGs collected in the containers from hospital operating rooms are desorbed in Blue-Zone’s manufacturing facility. The raw material from desorption is then put through Blue-Zone’s patented distillation process to produce a sustainable, pure, branded generic, inhalation anesthetic that can be used again in operating rooms.

“At Blue-Zone, we want to ensure the safe removal of harmful waste gases from the hospital environment and the surrounding community. We also want to create a sustainable source of anesthetic gases that can help reduce costs and waste within the medical community,” said Kipton Lade, CEO of Blue-Zone Technologies.  “The use of anesthetic gases is forecast to grow globally by 4% to 5% per year and our collaboration with Class 1 will enable more waste gas to be collected and converted to fill that need with pure, branded generic anesthetics.”

“Blue-Zone and Class 1 have shared values, including the development of new technology to improve the industry and the implementation of technology to better protect the environment and the planet,” said Michael Sue, President and General Manager of Class 1 Incorporated. “We look forward to developing an agreement that is not only mutually beneficial for both companies, but also beneficial for the environment and the healthcare community at large.”

About Class 1 Incorporated

Class 1 is a leading provider of medical gas equipment, specializing in medical vacuum and air systems, AGSS and Halogenated Drug Recovery Systems, onsite Oxygen Generation, AirShield/OxyShield state-of the-art Remote Monitoring and headwall systems.  Class 1 also performs complete turnkey design-build medical gas pipeline installations for contractors and hospitals, as well as preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergency service. For over 25 years, they have provided their customers with cutting edge medical gas system expertise, always ensuring that your facility’s medical system operates safely, reliably and in compliance with CSA standards. Class 1’s corporate head office is in Cambridge, Ontario with satellite operations in Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Calgary. For more information visit

About Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Blue-Zone’s mission is to reduce hazardous environmental waste in healthcare facilities and lower financial costs by applying Blue-Zone’s patented technology. Blue-Zone collects unused anesthetics that would normally be vented into the environment and processes the collected material into its pure form providing a sustainable and cost-efficient source of inhalation anesthetic drugs. As such, Blue-Zone is the world’s first Cleantech Pharmaceutical Company, running a fully operational, GMP compliant, Health Canada licensed Drug Establishment Facility for Anesthetic Recovery, Raw Material and Final Product Production. For more information visit

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